Stephen Patrick Allen

Irish Filmmaker and Photographer

A couple of months ago I went on a trip with my two friends Luke and Oisín to Amsterdam. This is my Document of the said trip.

Waiting on Amelia

One day my friend Luke and I were in St.Stephens Green waiting on someone.

I had a new roll of film in my camera and the urge to shoot something.

During a guided tour of Lismore Castle I took these pictures of open doorways. I had my camera with me and was trying to think of a good thing to take a snap of. 

But as everything in this place was beautiful and decadent i didn’t want to take a picture of anything obvious.

So after learning about all of the famous people who had lived or stayed in the castle i started to imagine them walking around. And imagined all the people who had walked through these doorways. If the walls could talk what stories they could tell. 

So i began to take shots of the people who had been through the doors by taking shots of the open doors themselves. 

Its hard to explain. 

Liza Flume is an amazing singer songwriter and good friend. All the way from Australia she is currently ploughing her way through the Irish music scene. 

Bumped into her in town a while back and managed to take two snaps of her looking awesome hungover and on her way to get some sushi.

I have made a couple of Videos with Liza before and can’t wait to hear more from her in the future. 

Here is a video i did with her-

Her bandcamp-

Here are some Photos i took of the Turning Pirate gang while they rehearsed for the last time before the Turning Pirate NYE mix-tape.

The Turning Pirate mix-tape is an amazing night and a great way to spend new years. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing.

All the musicians are having so much fun playing together and their energy and good vibes spill over into the crowd like wave.

Great night. 

While shooting a music video with my friend Myles O Reilly i managed to snap a few pictures of the beautiful surroundings we found ourselves in.

It was a drizzly cold day but the sun seemed to shine down and show us the way to the good spots.

A bowl of soup, a sniffy nose and cold hands = Happy soul.

I got to meet one of my favourite artist the other day. Emily Wells is an american musician who i caught up with the other day in Whelans before her show to do a session for Musicians with Cameras. 

Emily was so nice and accommodating I had a blast filming her. These collection of shots are screenshots from the footage i took and will hopefully have the video  up soon enough. 

These are also my first set of digital and colour photos i have put up here. Hopefully have some more cool B&W film photos soon.

To finish off a roll of film before bringing it in to get developed I quickly took these photos of Dublin city. It was an incredibly bright and chilly day. Lots of shadows and overwhelming sunshine. The kind of sunshine that make sit hard to walk down O’ Connell street. Holding your hand to your face or squinting only half do a job that a pair of sunglasses would easily accomplish. But on a cold day in November you resist the urge to put on your sunglasses and continue to squint.  

After a shoot with Band Sails i pushed them into an elevator and took a few quick snaps. Sails are lovely bunch of people and we had a great time shooting them.

During a beautifully sunny day in October Luke and I travelled to Howth to do a few music videos with the great Paddy Hanna. After a tour of an old radio museum and a stroll down the beach i managed to capture a few shots of Paddy on our way back to his house. I don’t normally like posed photos but when i asked Paddy to sit down on the steps and do what feels right he pulled this wonderful introspective stare that i think really shows of his deep and quite demeanour.

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