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Snippets from a trip to Sicily.

I love to take pictures of people who don’t know that I am taking a picture of them. I think these kinds of pictures capture the moment better than ones that are posed. 

Here are a set of pictures I took of Myles O ‘Reilly and Ross Hamilton while Myles was shooting some footage for a music video.

Joey Gavin is one of the nicest people i know. He is an excellent musician and im sure he is going to go far. 

We shot these upstairs in an old pub in swords which is becoming a wehterspoons as we speak.

Here are more pictures from my adventure in Body&Soul. 

There was a time when people considered lens flare as a mistake or flaw. Most of the time lens flare or bokeh is my main focus rather than the subjects. I love how unpredictable it is.

Most of the time i really don’t like the area in which I live and have lived all my life. 

But sometimes the landscape reminds me that it is a beautiful place. In the right light.

A couple of days ago I put up some Digital shots of my Body & Soul adventure. Here is a small collection of some pictures I took with my film camera. Think I like living in the woods.

End of the line.

My local beach seems like a vortex for unwanted things.

Even unwanted things need a home.

Stone polished and Sun kissed, Yearning for the Sea.

So last Wednesday i travelled to Body & Soul with my good friends Myles O Reilly, Stephen Mogerley, Steven O Connor and Luke Byrne to have the craic but mainly to set up the Arbutus Yarns Chillout area. 

I ended up having an absolute ball. And met so many cool people.

Looking at some of the pictures this week i noticed that most of them are pictures of the acts. So i decided to throw up some pictures of some of the amazing people that came to our area.

I call it the Humans of Arbutus Yarns. 

If you recognise anybody in the pictures please share it with them. I dont know their names. ;)

Love this picture. Always reminds me of that Pixar short film. View high resolution

Love this picture. Always reminds me of that Pixar short film.

Pictures of Friends and first attempt at double exposure shot.

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